The Annesley Quiltmakers would really appreciate your donation of cotton fabrics. All of our quilts are made rom   donated fabrics and our supply is getting low. We can also use cotton sheets that are still in good shape - we use these for the quilt backs. Please leave your donations at the church office.

Thank you!

The Health Unit requires a person with a Safe Food handling certificate to be at each event serving food at Annesley.  We will be offering a YMCA Safe Food Handling course in early October at Annesley.  Anyone can participate.  Cost is only $20. There is a signup sheet in the Narthex.


                            LOOKING FORWARD
Oct. 23 - Annesley’s Turkey Supper
Nov. 2 - Annesley’s Fall Bazaar

Nov. 9 - “Bored of Education” concert