Rev. David Jones will be leading us for this service and onward.  He is providing pulpit relief for the Sunday services.

HELP WANTED: THE SEARCH COMMITTEE is looking for new members.  The process to find a new minister has been long and difficult, so new members are needed to help with this important job.  It will be rewarding when it is finally complete.  Please consider helping. 

Contact Mark Worthington at 519-374-0877 or  if you have questions or can help.

The Board of Elders meeting scheduled January 11th has been moved to January 26th at 7:00 p.m.

Broadview magazine subscriptions were due for renewal in October. There are still a few subscribers who have not yet paid for renewal. The annual cost is still $25.00, which includes tax. It can be mailed to us at PO Box 573, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0, or dropped off at the church if you prefer.                                          

Prayer Shawl Ministry is an important part of Annesley's outreach. Warm and cozy shawls are given to those of the congregation and community who are bereaved or seriously ill. The appropriate yarn must be purchased. If you would like to help, put your donation in an envelope marked Prayer Shawl and your name and send it to the church office. If you know anyone in the community who would benefit from receiving a prayer shawl, please contact Jean at 519-986-2702

Centering Prayer – You are invited  to join with the individuals of the Centering Prayer Group on Monday afternoons at 2 P.M. There are no rules. There is no need for preparation. And no signup is required. Only a willingness to rest in a time of quiet, that is shared with others. While we miss meeting in person during these dark times, we welcome everyone in a warm invitation to join us “in the spirit”.

Annesley Library is following the suggestions of the Walter Harris Library in Markdale. All books on the shelf will be presently unavailable unless requested and delivered personally. All returned books will remain in isolation for 2 days before being put back on the shelf.                                                               

New to the Library:  Two additions to the library. Current and thoughtful.

Call Patti if you wish to borrow them.           

Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen 

This beautiful book gives all readers an introduction to the life and work of Hildegard of Bingen, revealing the life and teachings of one of the greatest female artists and intellectuals of the Western Mystical Tradition. Hildegard was a prominent preacher, healer, scientist and artist, as well as the abbess of a large and influential Benedictine abbey. She wrote 9 books on theology, medicine, science and physiology as well as 70 poems and an opera. At 42 years of age, she began having visions, which she captured in illuminations. 24 of these are in this book along with her commentaries. Matthew Fox, who authored this collection states, “If Hildegard had been a man, she would be well known as one of the greatest artist and intellectuals the world has ever seen.” 

Alone Together Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19
Edited by Jennifer Hart
Explore diverse perspectives on the extraordinary times of COVID-19 through essays, poetry and interviews with these influential and vibrant literary voices. A varied and thoughtful presentation of real life dramas in these pandemic times. An easy read.Our library is a gift of resources for support, comfort and education.  Please keep it vital by using it.

Reusable Cloth Masks- Nancy Edwards has sewn and provided several reusable (washable) masks, to be given to anyone who needs a mask. There are two sizes: Adult (14+), and  Children’s  (4-12).  If  you need masks, you are welcome to come to the church office to get them.  She also has a pattern and some elastic available, if anyone is interested in sewing some.  Thank you, Nancy                                   *NOTE: If you got your mask at Annesley and you want to convert it into a 3-layer mask, there is an opening in the seam on the inside of the mask. You can insert an extra piece of cloth or coffee filter. Remove the coffee filter before washing and replace with a new one.

It's been quite a unique and unusual 6 months or so since we were locked down, and forced to close the doors of the church.  As you know, many have opened, but opening brings with it some risk.  Risking infection for some of our vulnerable folks is just not good pastoral sense, and we have been slow and reluctant to re-open because of this.

I'm writing to let you know that today our Re-Opening Task Force has decided to press the pause button on re-opening, for an indefinite period.  We are watching closely the movement of our governments, and will keep a close eye on further developments as they occur.  But in the meantime, we feel that clarity with you about where we stand, is the most appropriate action.

Please do continue to support our Sunday morning Youtube services.   We love that you are enjoying it, even though of course we know it is not the same as being together in church!  

For now, may you have peace, and good health!

Rev John

When the dust settles.
We will realize how little we need,
How much we have,
And, the value of human connection​​

With the declared State of Emergency in Ontario due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regular worship services and booked activities at Annesley will be cancelled until further notice, when another meeting will be held to review the situation.

If you require Pastoral Care, please call David Fries at 519-986-1499, or Rev. John at 519-270-5373.

We have a willing group of volunteers who will assist you with errands such as grocery shopping if you are unable to leave your home. Call the office at 519-986-3019 to make arrangements for this. 

Please don’t forget that Annesley United Church will still have expenses during this time. Members who are not currently on pre-authorized remittance (PAR) for regular church donations are encouraged to continue their donations by sending cheques to Annesley United Church, P.O. Box 573, Markdale, ON, N0C 1H0, or by credit card through  Annesley United Church- Markdale Pastoral Charge is listed, and Canada Helps will forward the donation to us.  Individual donations to Mission and Service can also continue to be made online through Canada Helps.  Also, don't forget the ongoing Coin Bank fund raiser. ​   

The Coin Bank Fund Raiser has returned!

Thank you in advance for participating in Annesley's second  "Pill Bottle" fundraiser.  The first, in 2017, was a great success. Filled with quarters, the little bottles hold over $25, with loonies, $50, and with toonies, almost $100! Just think that for roughly the cost of 2 coffees per week for 30 weeks, we can raise over $7,000. Think of that! With minimal effort we just effectively add a second sold out Turkey Supper to our Fundraising year!    We CAN do it!