Board Committees

Christian Education

To encourage and help promote a loving, healthy, and knowledgeable relationship with God to the children so they feel safe and for them to open up and communicate any questions, concerns, ideas and experiences about God and their life.


The role of the Finance Committee is to prepare the operating budget for the Board and Congregational approval and to provide guidance on individual committee expenditures.  They make recommendations to the board regarding appeals to the congregation to achieve financial goals. They take a leadership role in ensuring the availability of funds for major capital expenditures.  They appoint and provide guidance to the church treasurer and ensure sound accounting practices. They recommend auditors for the Annual Report and arrange for assurance of regular reporting to the board and congregation regarding the financial affairs of the church.


The group encourages community within the Annesley family, helps establish a pastoral care team, produces a quarterly newsletter, and issues news and information emails. Their purpose is to make connections and develop fellowship, to be welcoming and nurturing, to encourage commitment to Annesley.


To encourage interaction and fellowship in a spiritual venue between people of the congregation and the community.

Pastoral Care

Sub group of membership. They are a compassionate and caring group that supports the minister; they identify the need for reaching out to those ill or isolated from fellowship of the church.


We have the responsibility for the physical components of the church, heat, power, water, etc. as to maintenance and repair. We listen for new ideas, problem resolution, and interact with the board.


The group assists in planning church services. Their focus is to make services meaningful and exciting for all ages, and to help with finding pulpit and music supply.

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