Small Groups

Annesley Brass:  A group of individuals who have a love for music. Providing members with an outlet for musical  skills, and an opportunity to perform.

Centering Prayer:  We are friends who feel the voice of God following the guidance of Contemplative Outreach in order to quiet our restlessness and distractions. Mondays at 9:00am Contact Lynn 519-986-3707.

Christmas Baskets: Each Christmas Annesley works with other organizations to prepare Christmas Hampers for  families and individuals in the community. For details call Dale 519-986-2992.

Garden Club: The Garden Club are members and adherents of Annesley whose faith becomes real in the beauty of a  garden. Their purpose is to maintain the church gardens so they provide a healing meditative  environment for all who come there. They are a beautiful setting for wedding photos. The spring plant  sale is their way of supporting the church financially. Meets Tuesday mornings April, May June, and  September. Call Dianne at 519-986-2095 or Noreen at 519-986-3162.

Junior Choir:  A bunch of kids who describe themselves as outgoing and creative. Their purpose in to sing, dance,   make people laugh, and bring joy to the congregation. Meets Thursday nights at 6:00pm.

Knitwits:  Our main purpose is fellowship with each other and outreach in our community also to third world       countries. Knitting shawls, sweaters, mitts, toques, and other warm clothing. Meets at 1:30pm on the 1st  and 3rd Mondays of every month, in the Parlour. Call Marilyn 519-986-4068.

Quiltmakers:  This group of women from Annesley and the surrounding area meets January, February and March each winter to make quilts for people in need.

Scrapbookers: We are a group of individuals who enjoy the creativity of putting our lives and the lives of others in a book called a scrapbook. We meet usually once a month around the third Saturday from October-May.  Some of us come from the community and around Grey County, others are from Annesley Church, some even come with their babies, to work on their heritage, their trips away, their children and grandchildren, the important things in their lives. We come to inspire and encourage each other with our hobby. So if you are interested in joining us for the fun, fellowship, and food please keep an eye out for the dates in the Bulletin or on the Website.

Senior Choir:  A very loyal group of adults who love to sing, they endeavour to provide leadership for hymn singing, and to provide special music each week.  They assist in teaching the congregation new hymns. Meets  Thursday Night at 7:00pm.

Shalom:  Members of Annesley who create a venue for spiritual growth and fellowship for the women of the church.  Meets monthly on Modays in the Fellowship Hall.

Prayer Group:  A small group of seekers, predominantly, if not entirely women, who meet regulalry at the church, with some members outside the congregation.  Wednesdays at 10:00am in the Wesley room.

Woodworkers:  This is a welcoming, inclusive group of people from Annesley and beyond, who contribute small projects to Annesley and the community through their creative gifts of woodworking. They meet  monthly on Wednesday evenings. Call Mark 519-986-4390 or Doug 519-986-3393.

Summer Garden Project  Meets every Saturday evening from end of May until end of  Summer.

Planting vegetables, weeding the garden, picking the vegetables when ready. They sell the produce after church on Sunday mornings. All proceeds go towards sending kids to camp.

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