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We regret that the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic limits our ability to offer assistance for these events. But we are happy to help you plan for better times ahead.


Baptism is a part of a long tradition of community. Baptizing your baby is not about making all of your child’s life choices about faith, nor is it about “buying into” all that the United Church is about.  This is a moment in life that we hope will serve as the start of your child realizing that they are a valuable part of this universe and that there is much to wonder and be amazed about.  It is also about connecting your child to this place and giving them a sense of home.    If you are interested in having your child baptized at Annesley United Church, please contact  the church, to find out more


Our understanding of community is evolving and thus we are finding ways to welcome more people into our church facilities.  However, the Board of Elders of our church reserves the right to limit weddings in our church for any reason.

If you would like to discuss a possible date for your wedding please contact us our Church Office at 519-986-3019 or ‚Äčemail: annesley at

We try to accommodate as many requests as we are able to.   Whether you are a long time member of our community or are charmed by the building, you are welcome here.

The Fee for our Wedding Package is $475.00.   Fees include; the use of the church building for the rehearsal and sanctuary, performance of the agreed upon Ceremony on your wedding day; the use of our Organist, Minister, Custodian and Secretary to prepare for your wedding, including the paperwork.  See additional room rental rates if you are interested in having a lunch or reception. 

A rehearsal can also be booked at the church at no extra charge.  This will help to ease your mind of the last minute details, and is usually held the day or evening before.   It is helpful to have the whole wedding party, all parents and ushers, soloists etc, at the rehearsal.

If you feel the fees are onerous and will cause financial hardship, you can discuss this with our minister.

When you book your wedding, we will send you out a wedding ceremony package.

Your guests are asked not to throw confetti or rice, it is difficult to clean and bad for the birds.

Bubbles are welcome outside of the church, large flower petals can be used inside the church.   

Annesley United Church is a beautiful, historic sanctuary, and we think you will find that it requires little decoration.  

However, we know that you may want to add your own personal touches.  Details for placement of flower arrangements, window decorations etc. can be discussed. 

The province of Ontario requires you to obtain a wedding license. The clerk of most cities, townships, towns or villages in Ontario may issue marriage licenses. They are valid anywhere in Ontario for a period of 3 months after the date of issue.  Check out for more information, including fees and information they require.   The wedding license must be brought to us before the ceremony!!! (usually at the rehearsal).

If you have any questions, or concerns about your wedding, please do not hesitate to call.  

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