14th January, 2022 Announcements

No In-Person Service on January 16th


The services will be live streamed at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays, and will be posted to the YouTube channel for future viewing. To watch the Annesley Sunday Services on YouTube:      Annesley United Church’s YouTube Channel is:



2022 Giving Envelopes are in

Stop by during office hours (Monday to Friday 10 – 2), or call the office at (519) 986-3019 if you would like to have your envelopes delivered to you.

FundScrip – The next Order date will be Friday, January 28th

January Promotions are:  Indigo/Chapters/Coles (7%), Simons (7%) and Thai Express (5%)

Print an order form here: https://www.markdaleunited.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/FUNDSCRIPORDERFORM-6.pdf

The Annesley United Church Visioning Committee

The Visioning Committee has now had 5 productive meetings in which we have been developing some possible directions for the church to work toward. Most of our work to date has been around the future of the church building itself since there are more potential opportunities available to us.                                                                   Ministry has continued to be a challenge; however, there have been some discussions with other places of faith about potential partnerships. We have booked additional meetings and continue to wait for other responses.                              For the church, we have met with a variety of outside agencies for potential partnerships. These include: an Arts/Community Hub, daycare, increased rentals, and repurposing opportunities through a developer. The Visioning Committee welcomes any input from the congregation regarding other potential opportunities or ideas for either ministry or the church.

The Grey Highlands Fire Department

Reminds you to CHECK YOUR ALARMS! Test your smoke and CO alarms monthly and change the batteries every 6 months. If you are unable to check your alarms on your own and you live in Grey Highlands, contact the GH Fire Department and we will be happy to complete a Home Alarm Safety Visit. Contact: 519-986-1216 ext. 227 fireadmin@greyhighlands.ca

Seniors ASK

Seniors ASK is a FREE program that specializes in helping seniors/caregivers by answering questions they may have in any area of concern to them, either locally or beyond Grey/Bruce. 519-374-9495 Senior friendly…Senior focused. When you have a question, JUST ASK. 

Christmas Baskets – Thank you

The Markdale Christmas Basket Committee would like to thank all those who contributed to the baskets this year.  The donations of cash, food items, gifts and gift cards were amazing. As well, a big thank you to all who sorted, packaged, moved boxes and delivered to the 55 families in the Markdale area.  This is a huge community undertaking and your efforts helped make it possible.  Thank you!

COVID-19 Policy November 21st, 2021

The Annesley Board has consulted with members of the congregation, other United churches in the area and around Ontario, contacts with Western Ontario Waterways  & Shining Waters Regional Councils, and  the Grey Bruce Health Unit to make a decision concerning requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations to attend services and events in the Annesley building.  It has been decided that until further notice, we will require verification of full (double) vaccination for anyone 12+ to attend any services and events in the building.  Many people advised that they were reluctant to attend unless this policy was adopted. We hope to continue to meet the spiritual needs of anyone who cannot attend, for any reason, through our live stream and recorded services. We recognize the positive and negative impacts this policy will have on various people, and do not want to exclude anyone, especially anyone who needs Pastoral Care.  Please advise if Pastoral Care is needed no matter what your vaccination status may be.  We will revisit this decision in the spring of 2022, at our Annual Congregational meeting to be held in April 2022. 

Walking Sticks

As you may know, longtime Annesley member Harold Johnston passed away Sept. 27, 2021 in his 90th year. When he died, his shop contained approx 300 unfinished walking sticks. His children donated them to the Annesley Woodworkers, who have since passed them on to the congregation. Some are in a small barrel in the church Narthex, and you are invited to take one and finish it for your own use in memory of Harold.

Annesley’s Latest Newsletter is here

View a printable copy of the November, 2021 Newsletter here:

ADVENT Newsletterhttps://www.markdaleunited.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/ADVENT2021Newsletter.pdf

In the Library

Thriving churches in the twenty-first century   – 10 life giving systems for vibrant ministry’  Gary McIntosh & Daniel Reeves  As churches position themselves for healthy, growing ministry, pastors and church leaders must understand the changes that affect the church. “But more importantly “, Gary McIntosh and Daniel Reeves write, “churches need to focus on being intentional in how they respond.” Using the analogy of the human body, Thriving churches in the twenty-first century explores the ten interacting systems that make up a healthy body. If working together, these life-giving systems, which include spiritual energy, mentoring and intentional evangelism, will help your church experience lasting spiritual growth and robust ministry. 

Our library is a valuable resource. Keep it viable by using it. 

Prayer Shawl Ministry 

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is an important part of Annesley’s outreach. Warm and cozy shawls are given to those of the congregation and community who are bereaved or seriously ill. The appropriate yarn must be purchased. If you would like to help, put your donation in an envelope marked Prayer Shawl and your name and send it to the church office. If you know anyone in the community who would benefit from receiving a prayer shawl, please contact the Church office at 519-986-3019

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer has moved to Fridays at 2:00 p.m. at Annesley. Everyone is welcome.

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