22nd October, 2021 Announcements

Services at Annesley have resumed!

Annesley’s return to worship on October 17th, celebrating the anniversary of Annesley, was a success. With all protocols in place, the story of our church, past and present was shared. It was wonderful to finally worship together in the sanctuary. The ‘communications gang’ responsible for sound and streaming, thank everyone who attended in person or who watched from home for your understanding as adjustments are made. Rejuvenating the systems will take a little time. Training is progressing. There will be workshops to show all interested individuals how to make the system work so that it will be really useful. We’ll likely have updates to our systems in place in the next two weeks and get them working immediately thereafter. Thanks to Tim, Stacey, and Patti, Mark and Dale for all the crawling around installing things and squinting at screens to make it all work.

THIS Sunday, (October 24th), at 10:30 a.m., we will be holding another church service in the Annesley Sanctuary!

Thank you!

On behalf of the Membership and Outreach Committee, we would like to thank individuals, families and businesses who donated auction items, trucks, time and muscle for pickups; the many volunteers for their time in cataloguing and photography; staging and labelling items; as well as assisting with the auction preview and pick-up of items purchased. Thank you also to those who purchased items on the auction. These efforts resulted in total proceeds of over $10,100! The final total should be known soon as we are attempting to sell a few items that were not sold.                 Thank you.   Dale and Diane

FundScrip – The next Order date is Friday , November 26th

Start to order your Christmas gift cards!


In the Library

Thriving churches in the twenty-first century   – 10 life giving systems for vibrant ministry’  Gary McIntosh & Daniel Reeves  As churches position themselves for healthy, growing ministry, pastors and church leaders must understand the changes that affect the church. “But more importantly “, Gary McIntosh and Daniel Reeves write, “churches need to focus on being intentional in how they respond.” Using the analogy of the human body, Thriving churches in the twenty-first century explores the ten interacting systems that make up a healthy body. If working together, these life-giving systems, which include spiritual energy, mentoring and intentional evangelism, will help your church experience lasting spiritual growth and robust ministry. 

Our library is a valuable resource. Keep it viable by using it. 

Upcoming Seminar

Markdale Baptist Church is hosting an event in November that they have invited all local churches to attend. It is called “Knowing Our Legal Times.” Session one looks at our forgotten freedoms and Session two, topics more specifically of interest to Christians.

Summer Newsletter

Annesley’s Summer Newsletter is here:

Download Summer Newsletter

Prayer Shawl Ministry 

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is an important part of Annesley’s outreach. Warm and cozy shawls are given to those of the congregation and community who are bereaved or seriously ill. The appropriate yarn must be purchased. If you would like to help, put your donation in an envelope marked Prayer Shawl and your name and send it to the church office. If you know anyone in the community who would benefit from receiving a prayer shawl, please contact the Church office at 519-986-3019

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is moving to Fridays at 2:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall at Annesley. Everyone is welcome.

Reusable Cloth Masks

Nancy Edwards has sewn and provided several reusable (washable) masks, to be given to anyone who needs a mask. There are two sizes: Adult (14+), and  Children’s  (4-12).  If  you need masks, you are welcome to come to the church office to get them.  She also has a pattern and some elastic available, if anyone is interested in sewing some.  Thank you, Nancy!       

*NOTE :  If you got your mask at Annesley and you want to convert it into a 3-layer mask, there is an opening in the seam on the inside of the mask. You can insert an extra piece of cloth or coffee filter. Remove the coffee filter before washing and replace with a new one.

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