Announcements for May 14th 2021

Smoked Pork Chop BBQ – Bad News/ Good News

So, the bad news is that for the second year there will be no in-person BBQ fundraiser, due to the uncertainty around COVID restrictions. The good news is that we are making it possible for you to purchase the same famous smoked pork chops, frozen, direct from Harriston Packing for your own backyard grill.  Plus a choice of up to 16 other frozen and boxed quality meat products.

We are aiming for a delivery date during the third week of June (before Father’s Day). You will soon be receiving product information, payment details and order forms by e-mail or with your delivered bulletins. The official order window will close during the first week in June (a few late orders will be accepted until June 14th). We have endeavoured to offer this quality meat at a fair price, but please bear in mind that this is a much needed fund raiser. If it proves successful, we can repeat at a later date.

Annesley friends make a difference

A simple request to Annesley folks to contribute to purchasing lunch for healthcare workers has increased many times over. Within the pandemic parameters set in place, arrangements were made to deliver sandwiches to Centre Grey Hospital staff, Markdale, and Grey Gables staff. But Annesley wasn’t finished. Money continued to come in, so we did it again. The generosity extended by many of you has been incredibly heartening. The lunches were a concrete indication of concern and appreciation. The request for funds is now closed. With the balance of money, a decision has been made to purchase Tim Hortons gift cards to give to each of the 8 paramedics working from the local EMS office. And the remaining dollars were used to buy 2 large white bows for the Annesley road sign, further acknowledging WE ARE NOT ALONEThank you for your incredible generosity. You have made a difference.

FundScrip: The next order date is Friday, May 28th

May, 2021 promotions are: Rona (4%) and Lowe’s (4%).

In The Library

Man’s Search for Meaning: the psychology of a concentration camp by Viktor Frankl

Sometimes books go missing from our shelves. Perhaps they are meant to be where they end up. It was important to replace this one.  Barbara Sackett claimed everyone should read this book. Frankl considers the primary human desire is not pleasure, but the pursuit of what we find meaningful.  He inspires us to find significance in the very act of living. 

Barbara says, “Before starting to read, I wondered if I really wanted to read ‘yet another concentration camp book’  with all desperation, turmoil, horrendous deprivations and kicking man when he’s down. This is an atypical presentation. While the horrors and gruesome factors are related as necessary, they don’t necessarily dominate … the psychological explanations and stories of hope & determination to survive casts a different and welcome light on the subject.”

Barbara Sackett says of Man’s Search for Meaning: “I’m glad I read it. I found the book to be a gripping and enlightening read. On my rating scale of 1 – 10, I gave it a 9.”    

Our library is a valuable resource. Keep it viable by using it.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry is an important part of Annesley’s outreach. Warm and cozy shawls are given to those of the congregation and community who are bereaved or seriously ill. The appropriate yarn must be purchased. If you would like to help, put your donation in an envelope marked Prayer Shawl and your name and send it to the church office. If you know anyone in the community who would benefit from receiving a prayer shawl, please contact Jean at 519-986-2702.

Centering Prayer

You are invited to join with the individuals of the Centering Prayer Group on Monday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. There are no rules. There is no need for preparation. And no signup is required. Only a willingness to rest in a time of quiet, that is shared with others. While we miss meeting in person during these dark times, we welcome everyone in a warm invitation to join us in the spirit.

Reusable Cloth Masks

Nancy Edwards has sewn and provided several reusable (washable) masks, to be given to anyone who needs a mask. There are two sizes: Adult (14+), and Children’s (4-12). If you need masks, you are welcome to come to the church office to get them. She also has a pattern and some elastic available, if anyone is interested in sewing some. Thank you, Nancy!  *NOTE :  If you got your mask at Annesley and you want to convert it into a 3-layer mask, there is an opening in the seam on the inside of the mask. You can insert an extra piece of cloth or coffee filter. Remove the coffee filter before washing and replace with a new one.

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